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Connors Covered Call/Put


Active stock picking, passive Index ETF and an options-overlay in one SMA.

  • Actively manage 25-30 individual U.S. stocks with a passive index Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).
  • Passive/Active allocation range 55%-65% ETF/ 30%-40% individual stocks.
  • Covered call writing and protective puts used to lower overall risk and volatility.

The foundation of this approach is investing in both a passive ETF and an actively managed, diversified portfolio of individual high quality stocks. Simultaneously, Connors will manage an active options-overlay on the ETF sleeve of the portfolio, consisting of covered call selling/writing and protective put purchasing as a way to generate income and provide extra downside protection. Investors in this strategy should consider themselves conservative-to-moderate equity investors.


Active Options-Overlay, Calls and Puts

The management team, after carefully selecting the underlying holdings, will strategically write covered calls against the entire ETF sleeve, writing close to the money in order to generate strong option premiums. The team, after selling call options, will determine how much of the call option premiums generated will be used to purchase protective puts for each client so that future drawdowns are reduced.

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