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Firm Overview


James M. Connors, Founder & Chairman
1932 - 2020

Our History


Founded in 1969, Connors originally focused on publishing research for financial advisors around the country.  The "Connors Report", "Connors In Depth Growth Studies", and "The Connors Option Service" were some of the early research publications produced exclusively for investment advisory firms throughout the United States.

By 1974, after Jim Connors attended the grand opening of the Chicago Board Options Exchange, the focus shifted solely to investment management.  Connors began incorporating the use of options with U.S. equities, making Jim one of the early pioneers of writing call options to lower volatility for clients.  For five decades, our sustained level of quality service, accessibility to our portfolio managers, our performance and commitment to doing what is best for our clients have distinguished us.



Left: Peter J. Connors, President
Right: James M. Connors, Founder & Chairman,
1932 - 2020

Our Mission Statement


We strive to provide superior levels of integrity, service, and performance to our clients, and always consider their interests to be our primary concern.  Consistent with this, we strive to have all of our associates consider Connors Investor Services an excellent place to work and personally benefit from the success of the firm. Additionally, we strive to contribute substantially, and in many ways, to the health and strength of our community.


Connors Investor Services, Inc., SEC-Registered Investment Advisor founded by James M. Connors, opens its doors for business.


Publishes "The Connors Report" and "Connors Indepth Growth Studies", research reports on emerging small companies.


Mr. Connors attends the grand opening of the Chicago Board Options Exchange®.

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1974 - Present

Launches the Small Companies and Connors Covered Call strategies. For almost a half a century, the firm has been delivering both small company and options-based solutions for risk management.

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Hedged Equity strategy offered in a pooled product.


Peter J. Connors becomes President and James M. Connors becomes Chairman.



Inception of Connors Active Index ETF BuyWrites strategy. 


Inception of Connors Russell 2000® Index BuyWrite strategy.



Expands Connors Covered Call strategy, now offered in a Collective Investment Fund (CIF).


Connors Investor Services celebrates its 50th Anniversary and launches Small Companies Active BuyWrite.


Inception of Connors Covered Call/Put strategy.


History In Numbers

Connors Investor Services, The Smart Option, since 1969


Years that Connors has been in business


Dow Jones Industrial Average in 1969


Dow Jones Industrial Average at the end of 2021



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